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, IGT Double Top Dollar Slot: Top Dollar Bonus ($5 denom) Big Win.It's the $5 version of IGT's Double Top Dollar slot machine. How do you know when you accept the offer ... or to press on for larger wins ...?

Are $5 slots loser than $1 slots - attendants believe ... On most $1 machines, a $1000 is a good win, no taxes. on a $5 machine, your more likely to get a W2G and have a chance of paying tax if you dont have good records on your play. I would prefer to win $1000 several times. that being said, I hesitate to play the dollar machines with 5 lines. do 5 dollar slot machines pay out better than 1 dollar ... Do 5 dollar slot machines pay out better than 1 dollar slot machines? Follow . 8 answers 8. ... Generally if you win the jackpot it is only possible to get the full amount of you are betting maximum credits. On a one or five dollar machine this is often two or three credits. So your $5 machine could be costing you $15 per spin.

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Write a book called "How to Win on Slot Machines" and sell it to other people who have the same question. There are many such books out there already. None of them actually tells you how to win on slot machines, because you cannot. So you can fill it with any sort of supertitious nonsense, like "watch and wait until you see someone lose a lot ... Top Dollar 5 reel - Slot Machines Unlimited Top Dollar 5 reel slot machine. The Top Dollar 5 reel slot machine is an IGT Barcrest S2000 slot machine with the bonus features in the top. Hit 3 top dollar symbols on one of the five paylines and you will get to play the Top Dollar Bonus Feature in the top of the machine.

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Five dollar slot machine odds | Safe gambling free&paid How a Slot Machine Works; Odds & Payback % Slots Strategy; Types of Slot Machines; $ per hour on a dollar machine, and $ per hour on a $5 machine.Slots to Play and How to Win! Top 10 things to do and see Slot machines are the most exciting casino games in the world. It's an excellent way of... Double Top Dollar All X2 Features High Denom Big Win

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May 23, 2015 · My Mom won on a 5 Dollar Wheel of Fortune Machine on Mother's day in Las Vegas. Was a very Nice Mother's Day gift. Hope you enjoy the video.