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The Enterprise finds a lone Borg drone, separated from the collective, and brings him aboard. The drone begins to reassert his individuality, but his presence causes differing levels of fear and sympathy from various crew members.

3. Star Trek: Generations (1994). The first Star Trek: The Next Generation movie was 1994’s Star Trek: Generations, and it was finally decided that the Enterprise should go down for real — no time loops, no alternate dimensions, nothing. Star Trek: The Next Generation: "Time Squared"/"The Icarus… Instead of a poker game, Riker has the whole sick crew over to his place for some good old fashioned home-cooking.For all we know, this particular loop could've played out a thousand times before oneI sez to Mabel, I sez, I do so enjoy watching these episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. How to Play Poker in the Star Trek Universe In the series Star Trek: The Next Generation, the senior officers had a Tuesday night game of five-card draw poker with occasional wild cards.Many players say that poker reveals more of a player’s character than any other game. What does it reveal about the characters in the fictional worlds of the... Star Trek next generation characters Why was Star Trek next generations tv how cancelled? Unlike the original series which was cancelled due to poor ratingsAccording to Ronald D. Moore, it turns out that it was a running joke amongst the writers that Worf would never win a hand in poker.What time does Star Trek the next generation?

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A page for describing Recap: Star Trek: The Next Generation S5E18 "Cause and Effect". We begin this episode In Medias Res, with the Enterprise's engines on … Cause and Effect (episode) | Memory Alpha | Fandom powered by

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It therefore seems appropriate that our final television glimpse of our Next Generation friends was around the poker table in Riker's quarters, where Picard fittingly noted that "the sky's the limit"." External links. Poker at Memory Beta, the wiki for licensed Star Trek works Poker at Wikipedia "Star Trek: The Next Generation" Time's Arrow (TV Episode ... Directed by Les Landau. With Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn. Captain Picard and his archaeological curiosity are called upon by scientists from Earth when they find evidence to support beliefs that aliens had visited Earth in the late 1800s. Greatest minds in physics playing poker - YouTube The opening scene from the episode: "Descent, Part 1" where Data plays poker with Stephen Hawking, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.

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One focuses on a character from the first "Star Trek", the other spends most of its time outside of the Enterprise. Cause and Effect | Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki Episode Cause and Effect Attribution Series: The Next Generation Written by: Brannon Braga Directed by: Jonathan Frakes Production information Episode no.: 5x17 Production no.: 217 First aired: 23 March 1992 Chronology Date: 2368 Stardate … Time for Time Travel: You Spin Me Right Round Baby - TOME OF Groundhog Day, Edge of Tomorrow, and TNG's Cause and Effect. Look at the time travel genre stuck repeating the same events: the broken record Star Trek The Next Generation on DVD / TV Shows on DVD Reviews